Hye Young Kim (b.1980) is a Korean painter who has been and working in Berlin since 2008. She earned her B.F.A. (2003) and M.A. (2007) in Fine Arts at Korean National University of the Arts, Seoul, and studied painting as a visiting student with Prof. Burkhard Held at University of the Arts (UDK), Berlin (2010-12).

Since moving to Berlin, her work's subject shifted from portraits of people in daily routines to the construction of space. AIRFIELD has been an ongoing project since 2010, in which Kim focusses on sequential elements of airfields. AIRFIELD captures and transforms the non-place's aesthetics involving the functional design on the ground, site-specific architecture, workers and anthropomorphic machines. Kim also works with photographs and collage to deal with concrete and abstract space simultaneously, finding pattern in chaos, breeding meaning out of the concrete.